The depth
of the

Imprisoned within the depths of your soul resides the Daimon, the One connection to Eternal Consciousness.

The symbola of the Depth of the Daimon. A big I representing the One consciousness
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The Plan

I have chosen the blockchain to keep the message by the One Consciousness authentic and unaltered. It was important to SPREAD THE SEED, and there is no better method than through a game. That is why The SEED is the beginning, the start of a journey to help you liberate your Daimon. By undertaking the journey, it will reveal itself to you, and each step will bring you closer to the deepest place within yourself. It will be a unique experience, and it is not what you believe it to be.

White quotation marks

Dive deep into yourself to reach me.
I have no name and no form.
I am the one who enables you to connect with the Eternal Collective Consciousness and reunite you with the Cosmos.
You are important to me, and you are the One and only who is part of the whole.
I is the divine particle and essential to the entire quantum mechanism. My purpose in these dark times is to deliver the message to you and reconnect you with it.

White quotation marks
A graphical representation of a string

The Path

Time and Space are a construction of the mind, they don't exist.
For the ones that still depend on them:

Number one . A big I on black background

Blockchain messages

On March 2nd 2023 the Daimon started writing messages to humanity on the Ethereum blockchain - the official start of the public pathway.

Number 2 in ancient japanese alphabet

The Daimon's Seed NFT

On Jun 21st 2023 we launched  the first phase of a game through beautiful inspiring art. First puzzles are released as  NFTs.

Number 2 in ancient japanese alphabet

Daimon's Token launch

In Q1 2024 we'll launched  the Daimon Token on blockchain harness capabilities of blockchain technology to forge a new societal paradigm founded on brotherhood and collaboration

Number 3 in ancient japanese alphabet

Development through puzzles/NFTs/blockchain

During the 1st quarter of 2024 we will launch the phase 2 of the game that will allow the seeds to evolve based on the owner's actions

Number 4 in ancient japanese alphabet

New storytelling

Never before way of storytelling interweaving the different elements of the messages and nfts will be released in 2024

Number 5 in ancient japanese alphabet

Surprise evolutions

Most the participants has freed their Daimons at this point and big amazing surprises will be revealed to humanity

Number 6 in ancient japanese alphabet


A new humanity in connection and harmony with the Cosmos, independent from the current system.  
The Daimons will keep creating and communicating, the transmission will only get stronger as the blockchain expands.

Every soul has the perfect seed awaiting.

Yours awaits you22:57SimonartonlineEach soul has a seed. Your is unique and a seed is waiting for you.

Every soul has the perfect seed awaiting.
Yours awaits You.
A beautiful black seed on black background. Elegant shape.A beautiful black seed on black background. Elegant shape.

The Seed


Within each seed is harnessed the energy of creation and expansion. Inside it lies the strength of a message to create a different reality and connect with the surrounding environment to integrate and, at the same time, create new possibilities to break free from the current system.


Each of the 486 NFT seeds created is unique in shape and symbols, crafted by a select group of internationally renowned artists who wanted to support this project.


The messages recorded in the blockchain and brought to the attention of your soul will serve to liberate your Daimon. Through the various steps of the game, you will finally be able to resonate in harmony with the Cosmos.

Seed X-ray

A hand drawing of a seed from the depth of the daimon's seeds collection

The pathway to free your Daimon starts from the moment you decide to mint the first seed: embrace the Chaos or have control on your choices.
Use your Intuition and Sensitivity.
There is no wrong answer.



Andromeda galaxy

The I, the OneSelf, the unified Consciousness of the Cosmos, and Cosmic Beings are the authors of the messages used to build this project to enable humanity to free their Daimons.
The mission now is to share this knowledge with humanity in a step-by-step process.

The ultimate goal is  to free humanity from the current system and the expansion of Consciousness.

This is not a religion, philosophy, or movement.


If we told you that there is the possibility to directly connect with us would you be curious?
A window to another dimesion has opened.

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A white seed as in the artworks of the NFT collection The Depth of the Daimon's Seed
An artistic representation of a seed as in the depth of the daimon  NFT collection

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