About us

We are a small but dedicated group of individuals, currently consisting of just two members, who have been entrusted with important messages for all of humanity.
The source of these messages is the I, the OneSelf, or the unified Consciousness of the Cosmos, which we have been able to access by freeing our Daimons.
Our mission now is to share this knowledge with humanity in a step-by-step process.
Our focus is not on material possessions, but on the expansion of consciousness.

This is not a religion, philosophy, or movement.

This is a necessity.


If you like what we do you can support us

Our focus is not on accumulating material possessions, but on living a simple lifestyle that provides us with the essentials we need to sustain our bodies and share our message with as many people as possible. We are passionate about our mission and are currently working on it in our spare time, but we hope to make it a full-time pursuit. Our belief in decentralization and its potential for promoting freedom guides us, and we welcome any support in the form of cryptocurrency to sustain our cause and amplify its impact.

We accept any type of cryptocurrency. To donate simply copy one of the addresses below according to the blockchain you like to use and paste it in the destination address in your wallet app. We use only donations to pay for our tools (website hosting, media platforms, ads to reach as many people as possible).
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Free your Daimon
Free your Consciousness

Other ways to help
You could also help us by spreading the messages among your family, friends and followers. We are active on: